Top Project Management Articles 2018

No matter where you are in your PM journey, you’ll find something to help you along the way in these project management articles. Learning how to manage a project is an ongoing endeavor—you’ve got to continuously try out new techniques and upgrade your skills. This year, the expert team at The Digital Project Manager team has produced dozens of articles on project management, from comprehensive how-to guides to opinion pieces showing what daily life as a digital project manager is like.

Here it is: our best digital project management articles of 2018!

Holiday 2018 Reading

A few of our most recent publications to check out before the holidays have come and gone, written on seasonal topics:

  • 22 Project Manager Gifts For Every Budget
  • 5 Project Management Lessons Learned From 2018
  • DPM Podcast: Happy Holidays For Everyone (with Mackenzie Dysart)

Digital Project Management Basics

What skills does a PM need? How much do they make? If you’re new to the field, start with an article on project management basics:

  • 7 Essential Project Management Skills For 2018
  • Project Manager Salary Guide 2018
  • 10 Questions A New Project Manager Must Ask Before Starting A Project
  • PM responsibilities—what you should really be doing
  • A PM Is Not An Admin (Why You Shouldn’t Always Be The One Taking Notes)
  • The 3 Biggest Lies In Project Management

Project Management How To Guides

Some of our most popular project management articles, these detailed guides are full of step-by-step instructions, templates, and best practices for the more technical or document-heavy aspects of digital project management.

Learn how to…

  • Successfully initiate projects
  • Make a project initiation document in a flash
  • Gather requirements from start to finish
  • Create a responsibility matrix (RACI chart) that actually works
  • Create a project communication plan (+ template)
  • Keep your project on track with project status reports
  • Hand off your projects well (+ project transitions template)
  • Successfully close a project
  • Manage a portfolio of projects


If you’re looking for a project management article that keeps up with latest methodologies in the digital industry, have a look at these agile project management articles:

  • How to run a sprint retrospective that actually leads to change
  • Scrum ceremonies, made stunningly simple
  • How to make an agile contract work

Managing & Controlling Projects

From project scope management articles to conflict resolution techniques, these PM articles are written by project managers who speak from years of experience in the finer points of keeping project teams on track and keeping clients happy.

  • Techniques for resolving conflicts
  • Manage people without them even knowing it
  • Meet deadlines without micromanaging
  • Make project controls work for you
  • Identify and avoid scope creep

Remote PM

No list of project management articles 2018 would be complete without remote project management. We’ve got something for you if you’re focused on managing remote teams:

  • Tips and tools for managing virtual teams


Our team of digital project managers weighs in on what makes them more productive—these project management articles are more focused on how you can improve your work habits in order to grow in your role and manage your time more effectively at work.

  • 13 Ways You Can Be More Productive As A DPM
  • 5 Tricks For Getting To Beyoncé-Level Productive

Digital Project Management Tools

Over 2018, we evaluated dozens of project management software tools and summarized the information in our reviews. Find descriptions of their features, main pros and cons, pricing, and what to consider when choosing different types of PM software for your projects.

If you’re new to project management tools, first have a look at our comparison of the top software for project management. Then, check out our review of popular resource management tools that you can use to allocate resources (staff, rooms, equipment), map out your dependencies, and monitor for changes over time.

We’ve also got a well-researched list of Microsoft Project alternatives, and a summary of project scheduling software tools. Beyond general PM software, we’ve also got some helpful reviews of other types of tools:

  • For agile teams, you’ll find a general review of agile PM software as well as list of the best Scrum tools and Kanban software.

  • To improve your team’s collaboration, have a look at the top collaboration software. Also check out the best communication tools we’ve come across—and if you’re already using Basecamp, we wrote a separate review focusing on Basecamp alternative collaboration tools.

  • For managing a portfolio of projects, look over our complete list of the best PPM software.

  • If you struggle to keep an organized, predictable flow of work going through your project teams, try one of the PM tools in our list of workflow management software.

  • For digital marketing agencies, we’ve got a list of the best project management software for marketing teams.

  • To keep better track of your (and your team’s) time, have a look at our list of the top time-tracking tools we’ve come across.

  • To enhance your productivity this year, have a look at our favourite productivity apps and how to use them.

DPM Podcasts

In 2018, we had a dozen different project management experts weighing in on the trickier points of managing digital projects. Here’s a list of project management podcast episodes you can browse to answer some of your harder questions and get a better idea of how all the PM theory can be applied to real projects.

Our Top 5: Most Popular Podcasts

Here’s a list of our most popular PM podcasts from 2018 to help you narrow down the choices—if you’ve only got a few hours, make sure you give these DPM favorites a listen: Managing Expectations The Right Way (With Natalie Semczuk) Getting RACI (With Suze Haworth) How To Get Your Bearings On A New Project (With Joanna Leigh Simon) Making Sprint Retrospectives Awesome (With Alexa Huston) The Art Of Finishing Projects Well (With Patrice Embry)

More DPM Podcasts

From productivity hacks, managing scope creep, and agile PM, our DPM experts provide insight on a wide range of interesting digital project management topics. Productivity Hacks Beyoncé Would Be Proud Of (With Tucker Sauer-Pivonka) What’s Your Status? (With Robyn Reynolds) Project Manager Responsibilities (With Patrice Embry) Could A PID Save Your Project? (With Maik Stettner) Pimp Your Agile Ride (With Alexa Huston) Rules For Remote Leadership (With Wayne Turmel) Contracting The Agile Way (With Alexa Huston) Colouring In The Project Lines (With Maik Stettner) Project Managing Agile On The Sly (With Sarah Hoban) Doing The Project Dishes (With Patrice Embry) Controlling (Scope) Creeps (With Suze Haworth) Being A More Productive PM (With Laura Bosco) Nailing Requirements (With Kelly Suter)

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