Corporate IT Organization

Green System have the experience, approach and research base to attack tough, complex IT issues.

BUSINESS RE-ENGINEERING - Is your system ready for ERP?

Enabling our clients establish processes and procedures to create advantages for competitiveness and value-added. Green System help you have access to business solutions from your business strategies and operational strategies, creating demands for Information Technology strategy. Green System starts with clients’ visions on their future business to determine action plans, drives and controls transition changes. Which enable clients choose the best solutions to enhance their competitiveness and create new opportunities. PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING / RE-DESIGN / ADAPTABILITY

Assessing non added-value processes, re-organize all business processes, align them to automate in IT system and enhance clients’ management capability.

  • Green System analyse and model business processes. Applying from operational strategies to tactical level.
  • Green System help clients deploy re-engineering plan and take control organisational and business changes ASSESS YOUR READINESS FOR ERP SYSTEM

  • Green System analyse business concerns of information technology architecture
  • Green System align business goals with the IT implementation
  • Green System analyse your organization readiness to new IT system
  • Green System determine success factors to enable your ERP project running on time, in budget and right quality.