Product Manager Framework: Pretotyping


What is pretotyping? Pretotyping is a set of tools, techniques, and tactics designed to help you validate any idea for a new product quickly, objectively, and accurately. The goal is pretotyping is to help you make sure that you are building The Right It before you build It right.

Pretotyping was originally developed at Google in 2010 and since then has been tested, refined, taught, and put into practice with great success in hundreds of projects and organizations. Picture The Pretotyping Book In his new book, Alberto Savoia shows you how to use pretotyping tools to beat the odds and make sure that your ideas succeed in the market. With dozens of examples and case studies, insights from his time at Google and Stanford, as well as his experience as an entrepreneur and innovator, The Right It is full of powerful, effective, and immediately actionable tools, techniques, and tactics.

Order your copy today: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Apple Books Pretotyping @ Stanford Watch Alberto Savoia's explain The Right It, Pretotyping, and Seven Strategies for fighting market failure at the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar.

The Seven Strategies: Obey the Law of Market Failure. Make sure you are building The Right It. Don't get lost in Thoughtland. Trust only in Your Own DAta (YODA). Pretotype It. Say it with numbers. Think global, test local.

Most new ideas fail in the market—even if competently executed. We call this the Law of Market Failure. ​ There is only one way to fight the Law of Market Failure: test the market for your ideas objectively, rigorously, and quickly before you invest to develop them.

Pretotyping provides you with the tools and techniques you need to validate your idea with minimal resources and in a very short time (as little as a few hours.) Picture

​With pretotyping, you can afford to test many new and innovative ideas in a very short time so you can find the ones that are most likely to succeed and not miss any opportunities. That's the promise of pretotyping Picture Google's first Engineering Director​ and serial entrepreneur Alberto Savoia, along with collaborators Richard Cox Braden and Leslie Barry, have developed training, tools, and infrastructure to teach any organization how to practice pretotyping. With their help you will learn how to test all of your ideas with unprecedented efficiency so your ability to innovate will increase exponentially. Picture Pretotyping is the best way to make sure that the idea you want to build is The Right It before you invest what it takes to build It right.

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